Monday, October 21, 2013

How a Chick Flick is an Action Flick

Maybe it’s because I’m a chick – and I use that term in the most endearing way- but I like chick flicks and have always been averse to action flicks. I know, I know, not ALL guys like action movies, but I’m looking at the overall preferences here. If you are a guy who likes chick flicks, then maybe you can relate. I watch all that fighting and chasing, and wonder when they are going to get to the point. I find the violence and adrenaline quite tedious and tiresome, always feeling like there’s already too much discord in the world. I don’t really need to watch more of it on the big screen or the little screen.

Bad News – Which Came First?

OK, so I’m probably in the minority; I won’t even read the paper or watch the news on TV because it’s unrelentingly bad news. I’ve heard the term, “If it bleeds, it leads.” But who decided that that’s what we want to see? I don’t buy newspapers or watch the news, and get the important news from the radio or when friends discuss it. A journalist friend of mine says that what people want to see. Obviously, or the news media wouldn’t be selling papers and airtime, and would be doing something else. But do you ever wonder if it’s a chicken-and-the-egg thing? Which came first – the news media trying to top one another with gore and grief, or the consumer focusing on that type of thing?

Action in the Arena of the Mind and Heart

On the other hand, for me as an introvert, Chick Flicks are action movies of the highest order - where the arena is the heart and mind of the cast. The kiss near the end of the movie is, I imagine, the same kind of payoff as the tanker truck explosion for the action- and outer-oriented movie buff.

Even in suspense or science fiction, which I love, I still like a movie that makes me think, like The Usual Suspects or Memento. I find those fascinating, and love it when I haven’t figured out the end until at least halfway through the movie. And I love watching the Away Team beam down to a planet and try to find their way around a difficult situation, especially when there was relevant social commentary or when cooperation was the best solution rather than phasers on full.

That’s More Like Life

For me, the chase or the puzzle or the fight is all in the hearts and minds of the characters. There is evolution, insight, revelation of deeper feelings and understanding. In true introvert or chick fashion, I am more drawn to these things.

That’s Where the Real Treasure Is

I prefer these kinds of movies because that’s where the treasure is. There is so much in the inner world, and our societ doesn’t usually focus on that. We divert ourselves with television, movies, the Internet. I couldn’t begin to guess how many hours I’ve wasted on FaceBook after checking in with my friends. There’s a limitless supply of entertainment available to us. And it is so tempting to follow it and forget about the limitless supply of our inner world.

Blow Up Your TV, Throw Away Your Paper

I love that John Prine song! It is a pipedream for many of us – to move to the country. But the idea is to live life away from the media madness and find that slower inner pace in harmony with our origins. That’s where the treasure is. And that’s the real richness of life for me.

How about for you? Do you prefer to dive in to the inner world or succumb to the temptation of entertainment?