Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spirti As Naava Has Moved to a New Site!

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I have moved to a new site!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Your Great Wall

Where is your Great Wall?

Where do you keep yourself separate from everything and everyone else?
Or where in your life do you put up a barrier to feel safe, secure, but alone?

We all have them.

When Did This Wall Show Up?

We learned to do this as we grew up in a world where everyone around us had them.
As children, we internalize what we see and feel and observe in the people around us. You know that you have seen a child mimic a parent's behavior. Well, we do this to some extent with everything that we experience when we are those young sponges learning how to be in the world.

But as adults, we have a choice to notice and examine these assumptions, beliefs and habits, and from there to choose new ones. The first step is to notice them.

If you make the intention to be open to seeing some of your walls or beliefs, there are plenty of opportunities in our day to day lives to find them.

So Now What?

So when we notice a wall, that's our chance to become fascinated with how it appears in our life. It helps if we can look at it without judging it or trying to change it. We can try to just notice it and what it is telling me. We can notice what effect it has in your life.

Just seeing it is often enough to dissolve it.
For tougher walls, it can take seeing it several times and just gently seeing how it no longer serves you.

And it takes FAITH. It takes trust that the world is a friendly place, and that Spirit is FOR us.

So if we remember that Spirit is in, through, around and for us, this can be enough to start melting the walls. For me, it is an ongoing process of dissolving the layers and revealing the Wholeness and Light within.

How About You?

Do you notice places where you are walled off?
Do you have a process or a phrase that helps you at those times?