Spiritual Coaching

What is Spiritual Coaching?

If everything in your life was perfect, if you had everything you need and want, if you unconditionally accepted yourself, how would that feel?

You've heard of sports coaches, business coaches, weight loss coaches, personal trainers. Have you ever considered a coach for the most important part of your life? Are you content with the way you view the world, yourself, and what happens in your life? Is there room for improvement? Do you know where to start to change that?

Spiritual coaching is a fee-based, one-on-one session where we talk to uncover hidden and forgotten beliefs from your past that hold you back from being your best self. We uncover the Truth of who you really are! It is not mental health counseling, but a way to strengthen your belief in yourself and your intuitive knowing in your life. This opens up possibilities in your life that you have been struggling to improve! Your session ends with an affirmative prayer to anchor us in the Truth of your Being.

Do you think you need the perfect job, perfect relationship, more money, or perfect health and weight in order to be happy?
Actually, finding happiness inside yourself is the way to have all of those things!

My clients frequently tell me that my prayers that my prayers are rich with visuals and feeling,  making them feel like a new person, transporting them further into their heart's desire than they could imagine themselves.

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What If I'm Not in Northern California?

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About Naava

Licensed through the Centers for Spiritual Living since 2011, I love reminding people of the Truth of their being: that the Power that created us is more than big enough to contain and handle anything life throws at us. And when we change the lens through which we view life, what we see around us changes. Like the ripples in a pond, when we shift our perception, it ripples out into our lives in wonderful ways. When we are in touch with our Essence, we can remember this.

I am a life-long learner, always interested in expanding my understanding of how the beliefs, our brain, our thinking, and our actions interact to affect our lives. Studying the latest brain research on neuro-plasticity, how the subconscious mind runs our lives, and how prayer opens that up, I bring a full palette of knowledge, intuition, exercises, strategies, and guided imagery to our sessions.

My current influences beyond the insightful ministers and teachers in the Center for Spiritual Living include: Rick Hanson, PhD, Tara Brach, Pema Chodron, Tich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle, Gangaji, Dan Siegel, Bob Proctor, Gay Hendricks, John and Lauren Gray, Brene Brown, the Dalai Lama, Marshall Rosenberg, Jean Houston, Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit, Lee Holden, Marci Shimoff, Neal Donald Walsch, Sogyal Rinpoche, Arielle Ford, and Stephen Levine.

A dozen years practicing Aikido, the Way of Harmony, with a teacher who emphasized using the principles "off the mat" deepened my ability to tap into my Center and felt sense of Being and empathy. I currently practice Chi Gong.

Testimonial:  Naava is an excellent listener and was present to me in such a way that I felt heard and supported. She listened between the lines and below the surface to what I was saying and was able to discern the spiritual truths that she stated in her Spiritual Mind Treatment. Her prayers were uplifting and affirming and full of rich visualizations. I always had a demonstration. I am grateful for her powerful prayers. —MG 
Testimonial:  Naava's prayer scooped right under all of my fears and lifted them up into the light. -- KD 
Testimonial:  When I was hospitalized for Lymphoma, I was barely able to stand on my own. Naava’s consistent prayers for and with me I am sure have played a major part in my recovery and ability to walk again. Her persistent belief that I would walk has been more than inspiring to my faith and belief in this truth. She was and is a special blessing in my life and for her I am eternally grateful.  -- WS

What is the Cost?

I charge $60 for a one hour session.
Discounted cost of $45 for students in the Science of Mind classes.
A pre-paid series of 3 sessions is $150.
Gift certificates available.

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Telephone or Skype Practitioner Sessions:

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Email me at Spirit As Naava (all one word) at gmail.com