Monday, December 2, 2013

The Wow of the Tao

I'm taking a class called Tao: The Way Within with Reverend Kim Kaiser. I'm calling it the Wow of the Tao because it is deepening the wow factor in my awareness.

Taoism says that everything, including us, is constantly coming into form and returning to the Tao. We all know that we are alive on the Earth for a limited number of years. But it's not just that.

Every moment, we are coming and going from That-which-created-us. So I guess I should say That-which-is-constantly-creating us. That is pretty darn cool. And another reason to believe in mind-blowing miracles being not just an every day occurrence, but every moment occurrences. Every moment.

As long as I am focused on my mind and the way it perceives the world, I completely miss that. I miss that I am in motion. That I am not static. I think that I am static, because i see a constant image
in the mirror and in the people and things around me. And I have long felt/known that we are mostly space in between all the matter we can see.

But as 80 students sat in that classroom, I really felt it. It sank in deeper to my awareness that this body is not solid, permanent, or even a real thing of substance. We are like a motion picture that is made of thousands of still photos that run together fast enough to look fluid. We are flickering in and out of solidity so fast that we look like a solid, real thing. Perhaps it is that the subatomic particles take turns, not all leaving at the same instant, and so we seem real. This means that physical and energetic healing really is possible, because each time those microscopic parts of us leave and return, they are refreshed, or perhaps new particles altogether.

The I Am is always moving in me. In the same way that my cells are replacing themselves frequently, Spirit flows in and through me, replacing every particle moment after moment. Spirit interacting with this body is what we call life. That is life. What a trip. Like a candle flame that cannot be held

Spirit coming into and out of form moment after moment as this body, as that body, as that table or chair. Creation didn't happen once with the Big Bang or the Word. It is still happening. It is happening now. And now. It is happening always, every moment. Wow. I am not a solid thing. Nor are you. Nor is the chair you sit on. Something is moving. Something knows, watches, sees, experiences.

Can I take a moment to really feel that? Set aside all that I think I am and feel that? If I remember that for even one moment, could I ever really be attached to an absolute idea of what is right and wrong? To politics? Traffic? Anything?

Taoism says that the practice is to stay within myself and do nothing. That doesn't mean inaction; more like not doing things with my will. Just letting it flow from within.

What was I before I was born? I put my attention on the computer screen. I put my attention on the lamp. Now I put my attention on attention itself. What is it that knows that I see, hear, feel? If you take a moment, can you name it? What is it that is aware?